Midland Park Jr./Sr. High School
Assistant Principal 

Assistant Principal: Mr. Peter Galasso                                        
Office Phone: 201-444-7400
Secretary to the Assistant Principal: Mrs. Carol Weaver
         Thank-you for visiting this portion of the district website. Here you will find information concerning my philosophy as well as district information that hopefully will help you and your children though these years at Midland Park Jr./Sr. High School. If you have any questions regarding your child or the school please feel free to contact me.
         I have always found it important in education that those individuals whom are entrusted with your children are as transparent as possible. I think this philosophy is more important now then it has ever been before, because the face of education is undergoing a 21st century makeover, a makeover unlike anything we have ever seen in this field. Schools are no longer confined by the building the students and teachers reside in. The days of the one room school house with 30 students and one teacher are long gone. Even the days that we, the adult generation, remember, where teachers alone disseminated the information that the students needed to know have succumbed to the contemporary vision. The inclusion of technology into the curriculum has made schooling a tangible experience for todays students that is not confined by the school building walls. Youtube, Skype, google docs, smart devices, smart boards, on-line media, etc. have become the norm in our classrooms and because of this students are held accountable for even more knowledge and more skills than ever before; this is because the needs of the 21st century workforce have evolved as well. 
         But certain things in education have not changed and probably will never change. Though the world moves at an alarmingly fast rate, and the younger generations seem to always be just ahead of us as the 'new' becomes an everyday part of our lives, certain pillars of schooling have not changed. These standards include punctuality, attendance, respect, and work ethic. No matter how much the face of education changes, students will always be held accountable for these fundamental principals. And just as we teach students geometry, and Shakespeare, and chemistry, Midland Park makes it a priority to teach these pillars of education to students as well.
         To the left there is a menu with links, here you will find some answers to frequently asked questions and other resources that will make this office more transparent. If at any time you have any concerns regarding your child and his or her schooling please contact me. 
         Mr. Pete Galasso